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A girl at school who is one of you most awesomest friends! She can make her friends laugh, and she is always fun to be with. She has a really funny laugh.
-Wow My friend Jamie is so High-May!
-I wish all my friends thought I was High-May
-She is too High-may to be guy
by HEATherUPP September 29, 2003
Highmay is a cholo with an interesting sense of humor. He is often on Omegle and into watching pornography. But everyone loves him anyway.
Person: "Oh shit! Who's that? He reminds me of someone..."
Me: "Duuuude..that's Highmay, fool. And there he is watching porn on his laptop while on Omegle...typical Highmay..."
by MandiLynn89 April 23, 2011
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