always aim for elbow. you don't miss.
high five
by not bobby flay2 August 05, 2008
Another word for banging, often used as a codeword.
As in to high-five someone, someone to high-five you, or two people to high-five each other.
Hey wanna high-five me? ;)
by bethrawrrr January 04, 2011
A high five happens when you don't have a napkin and you slap your friends had to wipe off the food and they don't notice because they are high.
I high fived John after eating the sour patch kids.
by Twizzerd April 16, 2012
When you are doing a chick from behind while she's sucking off your homeboy, or the other way around, and you slap his hand up way high.
Me and Matt gave her the High Five last night
by Snowguard October 18, 2004
A celebratory gesture between two people whereby each party raises a hand and they slap each other's palms. The cause for celebrating may be as simple as the occasion of meeting or in celebration of any kind of fortunate alignment like a point scored or a game won.

The high five are also the numbers 6 through 10 represented by the five fingers of a hand. In contrast, the "low five" represents the numbers 1 through 5, the digits of the opposite hand. In the high five, the sum of the four fingers (6 ~ 9) equals the thumb (10) times 3. Interestingly, the length of the sum of the four fingers from knuckle to fingertip is always equal to the length of the entire thumb (to wrist) times three. The occurrence of this relationship twice among the five spiraling cross numbers beginning and ending on the Spiral of Life's south column (where it meets the finial circle) define the two alignments called "goose eggs" which are necessary for the birth of new spiral. This new spiral is offset 90 degrees from the parent spiral at every 124 intervals. The result is a wave motion observed in cross-section.
You missed it? With two seconds left Jordan let loose a 3-pointer to beat the clock and win the game. High five! (Palms are slapped.)

When the goose eggs appear aligned with the south column that's a good omen. That indicates the numbers are doing a high five and we have a nice wave motion to observe.
by tgifrydei October 03, 2014
The high five is a celebratory hand gesture that can occur anywhere between head-level to waist-level, anything lower is a low-five. If a high-five were to fail then the person whose name comes first alphabetically wins the battle.
Jennifer: High Five!
Kenny: -fails at high five but blames Jennifer-
Jennifer: No, you lose because my name comes first.
Kenny: Oh. :(
by KatherineIsWrong November 12, 2012
The sexual act of getting a girl high and then inserting all five of your fingers into her vagina.
man 1: hey man what'd you and that girl do after you took her home?

man 2: we smoked some weed then i high fived her.

man 1: get some!
by himynameistimmy January 18, 2011

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