a high tech redneck is some one who has more computer parts on his lawn than he has grass.
you know your a high tech redneck when you build an outhouse that has a T1 (or greater) line connecting it to the out side world.
by jeffrey sorenson January 15, 2004
Top Definition
Someone whose Windows wallpaper is peeling.
bubba: how come y'all got dat ol newspaper duck-taped over yer computer screen?
htrn: dat's so's da neighbors cain't be lookin in thru mah Winderz!
by daDebil January 15, 2004
Someone who doubles the value of hiz truck by installing a radio in it.
bubba: dat shore looks better'n dat hole in yr dashboard.
htrn: yeah, and one of these dayz i might git it ta work!
by daDebil January 16, 2004
Someone whose car in the driveway is propped up on old IBM AT cases instead of concrete blocks.
bubba: is dat car ever gonna run agin?
htrn: i dunno, i sold da wheelz fr beer money.
by daDebil January 16, 2004
Someone who uses a spreadsheet to keep track of which reletives he's slept with...and how much they charged him.
bubba: how much do you pay fr sex?
htrn: a nickel's a nickel, a penny's a penny, kinfolk pussy is as good as any.
by daDebil January 16, 2004
Someone who thinks da Information Superhighway might be a good place to hunt fr road kill.
bubba: mmmnn...boy howdy, these chips are good
htrn: hang on an i'll go back out an scrape some more off da road fur ya
by daDebil January 15, 2004
Someone who patches da holez in da roof of hiz trailer with free aol discs.
bubba: hot damn! version 9 is here at last!
htrn: good! git up thar on da roof & fix it before it starts ta rain agin.
by daDebil January 15, 2004
Someone who has a T-3 line running to his outhouse.
bubba: say, where d'y'all keep yer sears catalogue?
htrn: hit's rat chair under da router.
by daDebil January 15, 2004
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