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It is a moment of celebration for discovering suggestive connotations or sexual innuendos in every day conversations, by means of a High five. It has become a recent craze among people and it seems no conversation is safe from a 'Hi five moment'.

It can range from something as basic as finding double meaning in the word "come" (see cum) during a conversation, to interpreting everything your boss says during a board meeting so that it has some kind of sexual reference and shouting "Hi five!"
Ex 1
Girl: That's so unfair I wanna come too!
Dude1: You wanna 'come' too?? Haha...High five moment!
Dude2: Hi5! *Hi fives*

Girl 1: Don't worry, you could so totally win the fight against Jessica...
Girl 2: No way! She's gonna win and I'm gonna go down, just like I always do...
Girl 1: High five moment!! *High fives*

Coach: Yeah that's it...just keep your head down dear and focus...that's it!
Girl: High five moment!
Coach: That's it! You're off the team!
by Feejee_chicka May 06, 2009
when extreme joy or satisfaction has taken place or got away with not going to work and calling in sick instead:)
Yup I am not going into work today. High five moment!
I just got my period. High five moment!
by EddieK March 06, 2008
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