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When a girl climaxes and squirts.
He was so bad there was no chance for high tide.
by everettj June 30, 2010
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When a (preferably hot) chick sits down on a bench, chair, etc. and her thong or g-string can be seen above the top of her jeans.
David: Woah, that chick has high tide.

Jeremy: Yeah, dude it's so freakin' hott.
by A. Hall March 11, 2009
To get with a girl first before anyone else, or to get a girl to do something with you first before anyone else.
I know me and John are after her, but I'm the one who's going to hightide that shit.

by Moga October 02, 2006
when your higher than stoned, smacked, blazed, and even to' up.
Josh: dude we're high tide

NATHAN: Fo' Right!
by Josh and Nathan November 27, 2004
When you take a massive shit and clogg the toilet and the water is above normal level.
The upstairs bathroom is in high tide so use the downstairs one.
by Abu Stalin March 24, 2005
An open bar. Preferably one stocked full of fine liquor.
I was at Walt and keri's wedding and the High Tide had pants falling down.
by DJL337 July 18, 2007
When your about to bust a nut doing the nasty with a chick, u bury her neck deep in sand and jizz in her face
John: wanna fuck on da beach and do a high tide just as friends?

Jessica the whore: sure why not =D
by the high tider May 28, 2011

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