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Is also known as the Dark Magician. He's the Pharaoh's most loyal and powerful Priest, although he died first to Bakura (it was chance that Bakura managed to find an escape to get out) he had fused himself with his ka the Magus of Illusion to receive his more well-known identity. He vowed to be the Pharaoh's eternal servant.

Mahado is in charge of the Guards of Egypt and it's his duty to make sure that not only the palace is protected, but also the tombs inside the Valley of Kings are safe. He feels extremely guilty when Bakura manages to steal Pharaoh Akunomkanon's body from his tomb, but Atemu spares him for his failure and Mahado realizes how honorable their present Pharaoh is.
High Priest Mahado is also known as Mahad in the English dub.

High Priest Mahado's info in this comes from the manga, NOT the animated version. So, his past is A LOT different in the manga--he didn't know the Pharaoh as a kid as far as the manga is concerned.

The High Priest Mahado is well known in Egypt as the most powerful wizard in the world.
by Dindella June 10, 2010

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