(1) Participating in a SERIOUS organic-eating lifestyle with a partner, then later discovering that this partner is looking at "airbrushed" online or print pornography stuff outside of your relationship.

(2) A "sweet" looking female with huge boobage that visually inspires men to think about porn.
"I went online, and caught my supposedly organic boyfriend looking at High Fructose Porn Syrup!"
by I'm Already In your Database February 12, 2012
Top Definition
A euphemism for semen.

Lizzy: Becky I did NOT like the taste of his high fructose porn syrup! It tasted like BOOGERS!

Becky: Yeah Beck I told you, all he eats are McDonalds Angus Third-Pounders, he's bound to taste like shit...and how do you know what boogers taste like?


Dude Peter North absolutely COATED Tawnee Stone with his high fructose corn syrup. She had to use half a bottle of Pert Plus to get it out of her hair. I'll bet she had sweet dreams that night...if you know what I mean.
by Albert Brady January 15, 2010
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