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A big buck toothed Nigger. A mix between a Horse and a Nigger.
That Mr. Ed looking mother fucker, he's a Higger.

Chauncey Billups.
by Jph625 May 06, 2009
95 36
a hispanic, dressing or acting like a black person. such as wearing jeans that sag and XXL tshirts to cover their boxers. or having their car all pimped out and blasting hardcore rap music
"Dude, did you just see that higger!!??"
by Melissa Arianna Coleman October 22, 2008
32 11
a hispanic nigger.
"Dude that beaner thinks hes a higger."
by creeper98 September 19, 2008
27 16
A high nigger.
Man, the higger was stoned.
by minor sixty niner December 17, 2012
1 3
when you mispell the word nigger when your not paying attention to what you are typing
"that girl always says nigger"
"I KNOW, she had a go at me for saying higger"
"wtf is higger?"
"OH SORRY i ment nigger"
by higgermkizzle April 13, 2009
12 25