1. The bastardized Spanish spoken by the majority of North American born-and-bred teens, often based off a weak understanding of standard high-school Spanish classes.

2. Language patterns that mix the English and Spanish languages, with less knowledge o the Spanish language than Spanglish.

Notes: Both are increasingly popular, bred heavily by online translators.
1. Ese dama muy loco. Muy caliente.

2. That dama was really loco, but really caliente.

N. I fluently speak English, French and Hickspanic
by Alice Peters February 10, 2006
Top Definition
Hickspanic - Cross of a Hispanic person who grew up in a rural hick town. A hispanic person who has Hick Tendencies. A Hickspanic sporting a rebel flag on their truck., Also a hispanic person who knows Dixie by Heart.
Yep, he's a Hickspanic, he's sporting the rebel flag on his truck and he still has a gun rack in the truck.
by NorCalCenCal January 06, 2009
a cross bread of a true hispanic speaking hot headed woman and a red headed lanky country bumkin from the dirty south.... Their off spring is sure to be an interesting mix.... Which one is to win?? should the south rise again? or the mexicans finally get their territory back in Texas??? Time is sure to tell!
Crazy mexican country babies... best known as a Hickspanic
by I DO LOVE YOU April 05, 2011
A Hispanic from North Carolina.
Bighead of The Red House Furniture explains that The Red House is where black people and white people buy furniture, and Hickspanic people too.
by Ten Gauge May 05, 2009
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