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1.) n. An enormous hickey.
2.) n. An obscenely-placed hickey.
3.) n. An annoying situation.
4.) n. A person who attempts to be Japanese.
5.) n. Contraction of "Mariachi and Hick", to mean a hillbilly who attempts to play Spanish music.
1.)Woa, he must have worked on that hickey for such a long time, it's a hickirachi!
2.)She has an enormous hickirachi on her butt.
3.)I wish they'd get my tickets soon, I'm in a serious hickirachi.
4.)That white guy keeps talking about anime, which makes him a Hickirachi.
5.)Cleetus won't stop wearing that sombrero, what a Hickirachi!
by Nora Joanna March 18, 2006
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