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Well Hic-a-doo-La's that special feeling ya get when you hold hands with ya best gal!
It's cheerin' real loud for the home team!
It's catchin' the perfect wave!
It's obeying ALLLL the rules.... NO! WAY!
I'm gunna grab my girl and head to the beach Hic-a-doo-la!
We're gunna all hang ten and maybe then Hic-a-doo-La!
Cos i'm a Hic-a-doo-La boy,
And I'm a Hic-o-doo-La girl,
And together it is a Hic-o-doo-La world,
by Ashlin W December 18, 2004
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It's that feeling you get when you're with your best gal.
It's cheering real loud for the home team.
It's catching the perfect wave.
'Cause I'm a hicadoola guy and she's a hicadoola girl and together it's a hicadoola world.
by Clinton Cauley January 18, 2006
To obey all the rules
Frank: Do you hicadoola?
Jim: Yes! I love to hicadoola!
James: And we do all our homework!
by TheAmazingGeorge June 29, 2011
It's obeying all the rules
Hicadoola, and do your homework too.
by Marthalomew Stewart August 16, 2009

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