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a fabulous being. unexpected and spontaneous.
Hibo: crazy, funky, junky. badass.
by Defjammm July 19, 2008
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The most beautiful girl/woman in the world. She has amazing curves, she's has beautiful, distinctive features that you wouldn't be able to miss. She is the one that you'll want to keep, basically a keeper. She's humble and very caring when it comes to others. She is driven by motivation! She is funny, beautiful. She's is always grateful and will always appreciate.
Once you fall for a Hibo there's no way of fallon out of love with her.

A Hibo will make people happy.

Loyaltly is a massive thing to a Hibo make sure you make it count
by Yohomie July 16, 2014
A golf term. Defines a golf swing that does not look natural and looks very tense, however, the swing results in a very nicely hit golf ball.
Damn Sam looks tense and awkward when hitting the ball, but he crushed the ball and its in the middle of fairway. That's a Hibo.
by Legitcha August 19, 2009

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