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A political group in Lebanon with a militant wing. Although they are terrorist they still build up schools and hospitals for the people. In 2006 they captured 2 Israeli soldiers, and the Israelis started to bomb hospitals and civilians with guided weapons. Hezbollah then fired into Israel. Israel killed hundreds of people only a small portion being Hezbollah. Hezbollah killed much less Israelis but many of them soldiers. Hence Hezbollah is the lesser of two evils.
Jew: My country bombed civilians...
Musilum: Well mine bombed civilians...

Jew: My government paid for the murder of all these hundreds of innocent children.

Musilum:Hezbollah paid for the killings of much less people...

Christan: Israel stop killing innocent people

Jew: Hey we have a right to kill innocent people you anti-semite
by Peace in the Middle East August 08, 2006
86 147
From Arabic; Hezbollah = Party of Allah
A political party in Lebanon, that also has a military wing. They help build schools and hospitals for Muslim civilians desplaced in the Israeli war. The military wing has a large presence along the border with Isreal to protect Lebanon from Israeli aggression.
Mother, I want to support my country, I am going to join Hezbollah.
by Ali Al-Al Aqsa May 19, 2006
223 226
A resistance movement founded in 1982 lebanon to bring freedom for the lebanese people from israeli occupation and Pharissees trying to make an anti-arab state. Inspired by Ayatolalh KHomeini, a great muslim leader who defied a dictator and freed his people. Hebzollah is now the most powerful force in the region, and can topple israel, or any other nation. It is forever allied with iran and hamas.
Hey, the hezbollah just destroyed five israeli tanks!
by Ali B 898 December 30, 2009
22 32
Most ferocious segment of the Middle Eastern Quartet of Assassins. Funded by Iran, armed by Syria, and twinned with Hamas, Hezbollah is the optimum gang of IslamoFascists. It is heavily involved in the indiscriminate shooting of rockets and missiles into civilian populations in Israel, filled with ball bearings and nails to inflict the ultimate damage, playing hide-and-seek behind women and children, poppy cultivation in the Bekaa valley, drug dealing in Columbia, Peru and Afghanistan, sale of blood diamonds from Liberia, DRC and Sierra Leone, child prostitution and trafficking in Romania and the Philippines, gambling and money laundering in the Caribbean, arms smuggling in Gaza, the West Bank, Sri Lanka and Iraq, suicide bombings in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Israel, teenage indoctrination classes in Lebanon, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh, weapon and explosives training in Iran and Syria, counterfeit DVD, watches, jewelry and fashion production in the border triangle of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina, film and photo manipulations in Lebanon, filming of goodbye videos of suicide bombers, and kidnappings, beheadings and hijackings worldwide.
Hezbollah’s self-proclaimed Fuhrer, Sheikh Nasrallah is also the chief assassin, though himself too scared to step into the open air, he is extremely convincing (his fans call him charismatic) to incite any Muslim, from heads of state to boys, especially little boys. His inciting speeches, which are famous for his profound sweating, are broadcast by all Arab and Western media who are ready and prepared to do anything, as long as it's nasty, blood-spattered, gory and sickening.
Good news is: Hezbollah is about to disappear, hit the daisies, pass on, lose its life, expire, breathe its last, meet its end, meet its death, lay down its life, perish, go the way of all flesh, go to its last resting place, go to meet its maker, cross the great divide, slip away, give up the ghost, kick the bucket, croak, buy it, turn up its toes, cash in its chips, bite the big one, check out, buy the farm, yeah, the Sheeba Farm.
Hezbollah, the hope for the Middle East, product of ultimate appeasement
by Max18 August 14, 2006
148 159
A group of TERRORISTS, thats right I said it, TERRORISTS, who launch rockets from schools and hospitals into Israel. They are NOT NOT NOT MILITANTS. In fact, Hezbollah does not reflect the beliefs of the majority of Lebanese citizens, and it is wrong to say that all Lebanese people act this way. The problem with this group, is that their attacks are launched from public places, and when others retaliate, they dont know where to do so without hurting civillians. HEZBOLLAH DOES THIS ON PURPOSE, and the sooner people figure that out, the sooner their reign will be terminated. They've hurt too many people to count, and destroyed too many lives. There. I described Hezbollah using no curse words, and given the circumstances, that's an accomplishment.
Hezbollah almost killed some great friends of mine this summer, and they must be stopped.
by Terrorist Fighter December 31, 2006
81 93
1. (noun) A group of psychotic and suicidal idiots who ran the south of our beautiful country into the ground. (Just like most terrorist groups seem to do)

2. (noun) A group of psychotic and suicidal idiots who claim to act in the name of "Allah" but should realize they are merely pawns of Iran and Syria, and serve no God other than Assad and Ahmadinejad. (Just like most terrorist groups seem to do)

3. (noun) A group of psychotic and suicidal idiots who brought the wrath of the Israeli military upon the rest of our beautiful country. (Just like most terrorist groups seem to do)
1. "Hey Mahmoud, have you been to the shores of Tyre recently?" . . . "No Ahmad, I haven't. At least here in Beirut I could feel like I am in Paris but if you go south these days it's like being under the Taliban!"

2. "Yasser, can you believe those suicide bombers claim to act in the name of Islam?!" . . . . "Yea just like Hezbollah claims to respresent the Lebanese people and act for our protection, what bull shit."

3. "Hey Ali, I was told that Hezbollah has been fucking with the Israelis in the south again." **BOOOM** (bombs start hitting beirut) "What the hell was that, Ali?!?!"
"Ahmad, just like every other arab milita or army has provoked the Israelis, they tear shit up! When will those idiots realize that to leave the Israelis alone is the best for ALL of us?!?!?!" **BOOOM** **BOOOOM**
by Ahmad from Lebanon September 09, 2006
129 143
A group of camel jockeys who hide missles under schools and hospitals to diliberately create civilian casualties.

Also the gigilos of choice for Bashar Assad and the gay Iranian leader.
Assad: Hey Nasrallah, can you send me a good shiite male dicksucking from your stable of hezbollah whores?
Nasrallah: sure. should i also send a katyusha to use as an ass stimulant?
by I kick ass and take names August 25, 2006
169 185
A whore-house located in southern Lebanon, where gay men with beards come to play with each over. For many years Hezbollah was blamed for polluting Lebanon with used dildos, and so, was forced to dispose of them by launching them into Israel.

This action was condemned by most of the world, mainly due low supply of fine-quality dildos left for UN officials. However, owner of Hezbollah (AKA Hassan Nasrallah), has reassured the media that a new shipment of stronger dildos is currently making it's way from Iran to Lebanon.
"Man! I'd love to pay a visit to Hezbollah!"
by D.Z. Harrison August 24, 2006
105 127