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Something said after a conversational phrase that could be interpreted as a sexual reference is said.
John: "Dude, did you do the Bio assignment?"
Mark: "Yes. That was so hard, it kept me up all night!"
John: "Hey-O!"
by atxlonestar21 September 08, 2009
119 28
hey + yo or you = heyo
person: hello
me: heyO
by psht September 11, 2003
148 58
Well I do use this word all the time. It's another form of saying hello! Or hello and yo mixed together.
"Heyo Ziplock, let's own this stupid noobs."
by Namlhof December 06, 2003
115 62
A greeting
by pimped out January 11, 2003
105 53
The bastard child of hey and hello also used as a greeting
- Why hello Rachael...
- Heyo.
by Payton R. January 22, 2009
42 24
A word that is a mix of "Hello" and "yo". Mainly used as an ordinary greeting for friends.
Anne: Hey.
George: Heyo!

hey hello yo
by x666ThEDeViL666x April 03, 2009
20 10
Can be used either as a greeting or a statement of surprise. Often Paired with the phrase "there he is"
"Heyo! There he is! We've been waiting on you, Bigglesworth."
by Georgie Porgie September 09, 2005
37 31