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(Verb) To get screwed over by the incompetence and general laziness of a work colleague that holds the position of minion to a higher level executive. This can occur interoffice or from a bi-coastal distance.

A displacement of work on others due to (unofficial, undiagnosed) mental/physical disability, incapability, or severe idiocy.

See also the character of "Bob" from season: 7 episode: 17 of Seinfeld, entitled "The Friars Club."

Common usage also includes: Hevesy.

Worker 1: "I just spent the last three hours copying and distro-ing the daily TPS reports for today's meeting that Bob needed me to do ASAP. But he just called to tell me those were the wrong TPS reports. They were from last week."

Worker 2: You just got Hevesied.
by Hard Workers of America April 07, 2009
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