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MOST AWESOME MOFO EVER. A true G of all trades. 1St in athletics, Acedimics, and Danm fine ass SEXYNESS!! Dont let this fool you though. He is Warrior and not afraid to get dirty. Destine to live Big, they will throw down for what they believe and what the stand for. Leaders to many. Also known for what their packing down below! HE PUTS ON FOR HIS CITY as much as he does for the ladies! and LIVES UP TO THE DREAM. Further more Very charming, funny, sexy, life of party, BEER PONG CHAMP, LOVES THEM LADIES!!!, and a true gangster of love.
EX: Dude, im pulling a Heuser tonight.
Im going Heuser on them Bitches.
Check out the Heuser on him!
He wish he was Heuser
BRO, He is some Heuser.
He rode it like a true Heuser.
by SPANKS MCGEE August 20, 2008
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