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"Hett", a rude word for straight person. Fag is to homosexual as Hett is used to Heterosexual. When used on a gay person it's saying they have bad taste or they're being stupid.

"Like my hat?"
"It's ugly you hett."
by J Diane Riley December 04, 2006
A helpful and friendly robot lurking on the GameFAQs Morrowind forum, who automatically answers all technical questions related to Morrowind.
I have no idea. Wait for HETT to get here.
by Jose Quervo March 28, 2005
A shortened slang term for ghetto. The G and the O are silent, obviously. This is a really really cool way to pronouce the word ghetto. It also takes much less time to say.
Oh my, we seem to be in the hett!

Kate is such a suburbanite she would certainly be shot in the hett.
by Beka Lioki December 14, 2007

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