male who loves the pussy.
abreviation of the word heterosexual.
My mo friend hit on that hetero over there.
by J-Dizzle August 19, 2003
A person who is attracted to the same sex but would never go out with him/her.
Boy:Wow that guy is soo cute but i would never go out with a guy ! I just love checking out guys and sttaying Hetero
by TrueHetero November 19, 2009
term used to describe people who are homophobic, or it can be used for those who use "gay" to describe something as stupid
oh my god he's so hetero
by nothing special October 22, 2005
ded's word for gay.

also, canadian word for 'gay'
Wearing platform shoes is quite hetero
by oracle February 08, 2005

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