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A large, oaf-like human, aka a "slap jawed faggot"
Did you see that Heston walking down the street, he's so oafy.
by Mr. Poppinfresh June 01, 2004
18 43
To Shit on or upon in Greek, Poop on
"Heston ton malaka "
by Fanis February 11, 2005
42 32
Anything really fucking odd. (Taken from Heston Blumenthal, because he cooks weird food).
Look at that dudes face, its really fucking heston.
by Reggie S Jones August 05, 2011
11 11
A bird native to Washington. Typically seen in Kennewick around it's drug stores. It has an interesting call that sounds very similar to a british man saying scott.
Holy shit!, a Heston flew into the window!
by Ian Hames July 13, 2008
20 24
Codeword for LSD, as in Acid, as in the movie El Cid, played by Charlton Heston.
I was flying all night with Heston, man. That was powerful shit.
by hansokolow October 11, 2006
11 30