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a backslash over the climax or most stressed tone of a musical phrase to notate the climax or stressed tone.
Ahleluia Ah-leh-lu-ia
by Telepathic-Love January 29, 2014
A symbol, resembling a forward slash, placed above the staff, over the note that is the height of the musical phrase. The hershnepherd symbolizes the middle of the messa di voce of the phrase. Coined by Paul E. Oakley, conductor and director of Choral and Sacred Music Studies at Kentucky Wesleyan College.
"What beat is the height of this musical phrase?"
"measure 3, beat 2 (just an example)."
"so you remember to place the emphasis to that beat as you crescendo towards and decrescendo away from it, place a hershnepherd over that note"
by Choral321 October 21, 2013