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A Herrmannator is when a teacher waits after class is over to assign homework to his or her students. Relaying said homework to his/her students can take on many forms, including, but not limited to, the following: asking the students to come to the classroom after school to get the assignment, putting it on a student info website such as Edline (without anyone knowing it's there), and handing out the assignment during a school gathering or assembly (the final format tends to take on the form of a homework packet the size of an unabridged dictionary).
Student #1: Hey, did you see this 41-page packet our teacher gave to us during the pep rally? He said that it's due tomorrow!
Student #2: I know dude. Did you even know he put homework problems on Edline today for us? I couldn't read them, they were so blurry!
Student #1: Man, whoever this teacher is really likes to pull Herrmannators.
by Walter H. White October 22, 2013
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