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Hepanix is often referred to as the 'bird of warmth'. Only found in southern France and Northern Spain, in the basque country a Hepanix is a large bird often mistaken for a peacock. Although related to the peacock its characterstics and qualities differ, with the Hepanix being able to fly and generally choosing very high nesting sites. A Hepanix is usually a calm and docile creature except when confronted by predators at which point it uses force from its wings to strike its opponent.
The name Hepanix comes from the latin - Hepan - for Majestic, referring the the birds majestic colours and grace when flying - and the 'ix' is typical of the basque language.
'The Hepanix was seen flying through the sky.'
'As majestic as a Hepanix'
by zuco90 April 05, 2010
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