The more epic version of Hip Hop, it means you got swag. Yes, swag. Hep Hap is Hip Hop, but with more SWAG.
He has so much swag, he has Hep Hap!
She's so Hep Hap!
That song is so Hep Hap, what's its name?
by pikaruchu November 14, 2011
Top Definition
An alternative form of the English word "hip hop". First coined by Korean rapper Park Kyung(member of Korean band Block B), who used this word to describe things that are not considered "hip hop"or in other words "urban".
PO(member of Block B): Oh Hyung! Do you think I should dance to A-Pink's song for our next fan meet.
Park Kyung: That's not hep hap, baby.

Zico (leader of Block B): We have to ride public transport tomorrow.
Park Kyung: That's not hep hap, baby

BBC(Block B fans): Why can't we buy cute little cartoon stickers of our favorite Block B members?
Park Kyung: That's definitely not hep hap baby.
by PoetrySyndrome August 28, 2011
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