2 definitions by pikaruchu

is the korean bero name for Gongchan from the korean group B1A4. They like to make fun of his constipatedness by calling him a poopsu, and chan was added to it. It can also be used for anyone ending or starting with Chan, like Chansung from 2PM. Used mostly for males.
You're such a chanpoopsu!
He's been in the washroom for so long, he's such a chanpoopsu!
by pikaruchu November 21, 2011
The more epic version of Hip Hop, it means you got swag. Yes, swag. Hep Hap is Hip Hop, but with more SWAG.
He has so much swag, he has Hep Hap!
She's so Hep Hap!
That song is so Hep Hap, what's its name?
by pikaruchu November 14, 2011

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