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henshin; Japanese for "transform"

Term used in "Viewtiful Joe" to describe the transformation from regular form to superhero form.

Informally, it may also be used as an interjection to convey a feeling of happiness, superiority, or generally any positive feeling.
"Henshin a go go baby! I've just received a V-Watch!"
by Peter the Salazar January 18, 2004
Henshin = Word to Active V-Watch
Henshin A Go Go Baby = How Joe says it.

Joe: HENSHIN A GO GO BABY! *Turns to Viewtiful Joe.
by AV-Cables October 08, 2003
*What Joe says when he has enough power to transform into his superhero form, Viewtiful Joe.

*Popularized now as a phrase used as reaction to a positive moment, or to a moment of final preparations, etc.
"Henshin a go-go baby!"
-Joe after transforming into Viewtiful Joe

"Life is viewtiful. ^_^ "
by Dave February 18, 2004
1. A phrase coined by Joe in Viewtiful Joe, an awesome game on Nintendo's GameCube console.
Also seen in the Viewtiful Joe commercials, currently not airing.
2. A phrase said when someone is about to do something, esp. that's exciting or full of energy.
Henshin A Go Go Baby!
by Soup May 21, 2004
A catch phrase uber-gamers use instead of "Hell Yeah!", "Alright!" or "F**k'n Eh!" resulting in Kudos from other uber-geeks and many looks of wonder from the general public.
Uber-Geek: "Dude, I just scored two perfects in a row and pulled off a 23 move combo in DOA3!"

Uber-Gamer: "Henshin A Go-Go Baby!"

General Joe Public: ????
by Twin Wolf March 05, 2004
I totally agree with this guy, but I say it like: Henshin-a-noko, baby! Henshin is the word that transforms Joe, Silvia and Alastor ( and possibly Captain Blue) into their superhero forms, but Joe likes to be cool so he says that instead.
Captain Blue: When the V-watch starts to glow, say the word...... HENSHIN!!!
Joe: Henshin a go go, baby!!!
by Craig Collins January 06, 2004
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