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A noted scholar at Harvard on African-American culture that recently got called out hard for trying to stage a racial oppression incident after being asked for ID in his own home by an officer responding to a 911 burglary call. Instead of just showing his ID, being respectful, and moving on as most reasonable people would, he assumed that the officer's default setting was "racist," and proceeded to throw a temper tantrum in public that eventually led to his arrest. He has radical associations with black militants and Marxists and has made many racially inflammatory statements over the years. He also is a personal friend of Barack Obama and held a fundraiser for him.
Cop: "Good afternoon sir, how are you today!"

Henry Louis Gates: "Fuck you racist! Look see! We still need affirmative action! This cop is profiling me!"
by EMR1976 July 27, 2009
Not actually a black militant as the other definition might suggest, but rather the intellectual equivalent of Uncle Tom, a book-smart house negro professor of negro studies who thinks Africa is one country full of ignant chimps that only his white masters can save.
"Isn't Henry Louis Gates, Jr. a black intellectual."

"Actually he's just an uncle tom."
by RealBlackMarxist October 21, 2011
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