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Law giving Arizona police expanded powers to question people's legal status in the country during a routine arrest. It has been unfairly called racist due to misinformation being spread by media outlets and politicians about what the law actually allows officers to do. The law specifically prohibits racial profiling, and is actually less strict that the fedeal law that is currently on the books. Opposition to his bill is primarily coming from two fronts. The first is hispanic americans that are ethnic loyalists first before they are Americans and care only about their particular ethnic group. And the second is leftist politicians that have been attempting, through massive demographic shift to neutralize the white conservative vote by importing the entire underclass of Mexico and Central America. They hope to legalize them one day then buy their votes with entitlements in hopes of creating a permanent Democratic majority in congress. Neither of these two fronts truly want anything done about the problems illegal immigrants create. All that matters to them is "la raza" and votes. The fact that Arizona has finally decided to step up and do what the federal gov't should have been doing for half a century has angered these two fronts, hence the crazy hyperbolic rhetoric from them. The USA is a sovereign nation with laws and borders that must be respected. We are not a boarding house for Mexico's crime and welfare cases. And most people are glad to see Arizona take a stand.
Bob: "Hey, there's 10 Mexicans sneaking across the border! Call ICE!"

Nancy Pelosi: "No, no no! Shhh! They're future democrats! We just need to be able to legalize them all and get away with it at the polls! Bwaaaaha ha ha haaaaa"

Bob: "Wow, you're a sick fuck. You know they suppress wages, steal jobs, drain resources, and in many cases, commit violent gang related crimes against American citizens."

Nancy Pelosi: "I don't give a shit. We need more stupid, low-skilled, uneducated non-whites whose votes we can buy."

Bob: "What about SB1070???"

Nancy Pelosi: "F*** SB1070. I need dumb Mexicans to vote for me."
by RME1976 July 06, 2010
n. - one who anally rapes young boys, and also happens to be a defensive corrdinator

v. - the act of anally raping a young boy, while happening to be a defensive coordinator
n. Wow! I heard that neighbor kid got a hard Sandusky from that football coach!

v. Look kid, I don't have any candy! Leave me alone, or I'll Sandusky your sweet ass right here on this street corner!
by RME1976 November 12, 2011
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