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Some damn good scotch. It doesn't even make you smell when you drink it. Can also be used as a paint thinner.
mmmmm, that's hennigans, the no smell no tell scotch!
by The spencinator March 25, 2005
(noun) Getting hit by a baseball twice in one at-bat.
Brian just pulled a Hennigan
by TheRogueCheeseWedge May 16, 2004
Eating a chick out in a karaoke bar with your friend in the same room.
We were in Japan trying to Hennigan some girls when my friend got sick and we had to go home.
by knoballstar May 11, 2009
n. A person who employs a Nunkoo for the purposes of molesting farm animals.
'I think I've got this horse interested in a bit of hot lovin'. I'm off to my Nunkoo.'
'Yech! You're just a dirty Hennigan.'
by DarthMaul May 10, 2005

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