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A Hemu is a Large bird known as an Emu. The H of "hemu" comes from this large bird being a Male.
Dude- Damn, that emu over there is hott
Girl- Ugh, your sick thats an HEMU!

Dude- Uhh what?
Girl- A Hemu, Male emu, dont ya know?
Dude- Uh, guess not well lemme go find a Shemu.
by Emus<3 June 29, 2011
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One who has lovely big hair, is totally rad and completely fresh. Guys are jealous of his locks, girls want to use his hair as extensions. Often comes with long eyelashes.
Wow look at his hair!He is such a Hemus!
by woooo12 September 22, 2010
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