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When someone plays with their Droid smartphone so much that it might as well be stuck up their ass
Person 1: Did Carla show you her new Droid?

Person 2: *groan* More like Hemdroid. She won't shut up about it and hasn't put it down.
by douchebo baggins March 07, 2010
A noun which is a portmanteau of "hemorrhoid" and "Android."

A "hemdroid" is when an Android device shits the bed. If your Android phone suddenly dies and won't turn on, it is having a "hemdroid."
"I just tried to use my smart-phone and it won't turn on unless I take out the battery and then put it back in. I think it has a hemdroid!"
by Steafan July 14, 2013
A Hemdroid is a hardcore Android fan who gets itchy, red and irritated every time Apple releases a new product that competes with their sacred droid device. Most hemdroids spend their time trolling Apple announcements bashing Apple fans. This is also referred to as "hemdroidal flare up".
Man, I was trying to learn about the features of the new iPhone, but the hemdroids were like locust!
by TheSodaKid September 18, 2014
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