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when the act of seeking assistance, or attempting to be helpful, actually worsens the problem.
Thomas Midgley, Jr. Invented Leaded petrol to stop knocking as well as the first CFC's to stop refrigerators from killing people. These were both real helpfuks.
by sozan November 13, 2012
Tries to help but just fucks it up.
Johnny tried to be helpful to his father by giving him a hammer when he was working. Johnny was actually helpfuk when he dropped it on his toe."
by Chuck Hale June 24, 2014
The charitable consent to having sex with a less fortunate/ugly/awkward member of the opposite sex. Usually done at the request of the helpfukee's friends.
Tom walks into a shady bar with his ugly friend Bobby. After a few drinks, Tom walks up to the drunkest, sluttiest girl in the bar. He explains that his friend Bobby is extremely awkward with women and hasn't been laid in months. He then asks the girl if she could his friend Bobby a huge favor and agree to a helpfuk. A few minutes later, the girl takes Bobby home and has sex with him.
by alphafour January 05, 2011
adv. Providing help during the time of fucking.
Susan thanked John for being so helpfuk last night by shifting to give her better leverage.
by bizzle fo shizzle October 13, 2006

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