A person who is a penis. It is traditionally used to describe somebody who is acting in a silly way.

"Why don't you go and fuck off out of my face you stupid Helmut".

"Fancy going out sarging tonight helmut?"
by Cheung August 21, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who gives without asking for anything in return. Never thinks that the little things he does for people are such a big thing to them. Outspoken and occasionally says things without thinking. Gentle and kind but dont piss him off. Payback is a bitch.
everybody should have a friend like Helmut
by ohbigonekenobie February 04, 2010
The head of a penis; shaped, weighted and battered like an old army helmet
Linz: Wow what a wierd penis
Rob: Yes I have a large Helmüt
by Linz_nffc February 17, 2008
A middle-aged womens' hairstyle which is identified by its shape and the fact that it can remain still, even in the force of a wind tunnel.
After a hard night of partying, Trixie woke up on the floor, shook her head several times and her helmut was as good as new.
by Higley September 21, 2009
Alternative spelling of "helmet" as made popular by rednecks and hillbillies.
Ellie Sue: Henry Lee, ain't you gonna get a helmut for when you ride your Harley?

Henry Lee: Naw Ellie Sue, I just took one of them there pots from the kitchen. Ain't much up there to protect anyhow, not like them jap-bikers.
by shadowfighter April 16, 2009
Also Helmut-Man, Helmut Man, Teh Helmut Man

The infamous (among many internet forums) picture of a man wearing a blue sparkly helmet and a black and white jumpsuit (from what you can tell). He is sitting in a car pulling a weird expression. He appears to be indian in origin.

He appears chopped into many photoshopped images.
lol, Teh Helmut Man!
by MotionCoil May 13, 2005
Gettin some head, brain, blowjob, knowledge,etc. See blowjob.
this girl gave me good helmut last night, i nutted in her mouth.
by Shock C February 09, 2007
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