Hells Angels ....A huge motorcycle gang that started in cali in the 60's and has now spread up the west coast and is now one of the dominating gangs in Vancouver BC's drug trafficing. In vancouver the gang is at war with the UN gang , the Red Scorpions , and anyone else who wants to pick a fight. They have spread as far east as Montreal Quebec.
Carlos: Sorry im late for work boss. Another Hells Angels got killed so all the H.A. members decided to fuck up traffic for half a day while they all go to the funeral.

Boss man: Basterds....
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by 604COQ September 27, 2010
Top Definition
A Motorcycle Club That Started In Southern Cal. In The Early 1960's
by Ronnie Sixx September 07, 2003
A big bunch of wild living bikers which founded in 1948 and amazingly who are maybe one of the fastest growing criminal networks in the world. Sonny Barger the leader of Hells Angels was accused for associating with the country's cocaine distribution network and at least 60 angels have been accused for 160 murders in Montreal on a eight year reign of Terror.
''hells angels were born in 1948''
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by sweet jesus May 31, 2006
A motorcycle GANG that was started in California.
Fact- They defeated the whole entire LA Police Force in a 197? brawl.
Fact- They may be badasses, but! They can be so fucking kind as well, every Christmas, they give out toys and games and stuff to the poor kids of the US.
Fact- They will kick your fucking ass if you fuck around with them.
by the_masked_magician00 November 13, 2004
A motor cycle club that is also a motor cycle gang. Got into the drug biz and assasinating biz even. They even used terror based tactics sometimes even.
The hellsangels blew up soem guys car for not paying the drug money.
by scannerfish December 10, 2004
A douche bag's way of misspelling the Hells Angels. gg nubs
Douche bag: Doood, the hell's angels are helllla tyte mann...
A Hells Angel: Thou shan't defile our title. *Beheads babbling fool*
#hell's angels #hell's angles #hell's angeles #hells angles #hells angeles
by shakes_pierre November 28, 2007
A group of bad muthafuckaz with the likes to kill
AAAHHHHHHH Shit,Its Da Angels
by ToNyDaSKuzZ November 14, 2004
Term for a person who is not afraid of getting red wings.
by cortez April 24, 2003
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