a band. From california. This thing told me the definiton was too short. What an ass.
from California. They're emo. And cooler than you'll ever be. Werd?
by your mom April 28, 2004
A super tight band from the west coast.

They all manage to rock the booty shorts and throw up the deuces at the same time and still look cool.
"eyo, touchdown turnaround, I never see you around
anywhere or anymore, you iz what I'm looking for
touchdown turnaround ,urrything is safe and sound
urrywhere and urrytime, I iz yours and you iz mine"
hellogoodbye lyrics, gangster style

by shaday March 20, 2007
A very awesome and unique band, mostly for their use of electronic vocalizors and keyboards on stage. Best known for their song "here in your arms". Signed to Drive Thru records.
Hellogoodbye had a myspace secret show.
by california love February 11, 2007
an incredibly scene band that is powerpop and has too many keyboards and gets too much recognition for their music and are getting too mainstream.
other kid: so, they suck you like you
by Phillipe! June 21, 2007
a ghetto fabulous band
ayyo i was at dis hellogoodbye show last night and da shawtys had ill deep throat
by Heather Dunn August 28, 2006
When you get an oral quickie.
Bryce: Man that chick gave me the sickest hellogoodbye
by Kylowned October 16, 2006
a very shitty band, the downfall of drive thru records, that was forseen when drive thru got steel train on their label,
... have you heard music recently?
by craigums April 08, 2005

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