Any Asian. They usually travel in packs and either don't speak English or pretend not to speak English. The name originated from the cartoon character Sanio, Hello Kitty, which is what all Asian have on their walls, binders, cell phone, etc. Non-asian college kids use this term to keep it on the down low from the Hello Kitties.
Asian: 兎を追う者は一兎をも得ず門前の小僧習わぬ経を読む

White Kid: oh shit there goes a group of Hello Kitties
by Java ❤ August 26, 2012
An unusual sex position involving a (usually) Japanese or Asian man clinging to the back of a female as if he will fall off. While difficult, it is meant to mimic the frequent use of hello kitty backpacks in Japan, but now it is synonymous with this unusual position. It is said to be dangerous to perform on hard surfaces as the male component may fall off when woman breaks back.
We did a hello kitty last night, and wow, it was amazing!!!
by jamiejamiejames March 20, 2011
A cat that appears to be in pretty much everything, including crack.
I got white girl wasted on crack and it's all because of hello kitty
by Umwat July 29, 2014
This is when a man is performing oral sex on a woman and doesn't know she's a "squirter" until it's "too late".
I took that hot bitch home from the bar and went down on her but she pulled a hello kitty on my ass.
by Chicagodan June 02, 2011
Putting a bowl of milk down on the ground and having someone get down on all fours to drink it and someone sneaks up behind them and fucks them in the ass an yells "Hello Kitty!"
I heard Nick Blake got the hello kitty last night.
by Fat Guy & The Chief May 29, 2011
Cute, hot, sexy Asian women. Also known as an HKs
Damn I love going to Asia, so many Hello Kitties running around.

Are you going to the club with all the HKs?
by AFwestPunk December 30, 2008
When a woman is about to hook up with a "man"and that said "man" turns out to be a woman.
"Girl, i met this fine ass guy at the club and i took him home. But guess what?!"


"when i unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down i was like 'Damn, Hello Kitty.'
by cryscuffs February 17, 2011
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