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A televangelist or any person who claims to understand the word of God, using that to exploit people.

Someone who tries to scare and decieve people, in order to take their money, "in the name of God."

Someone who claims to have recieved the free gift of Salvation and tells others they must BUY information from them in order to be saved.
Trevor: "Did you see that Televangelist on channel 89 last night? He was explaining all the signs that prove that the world is about to end. I ordered the DVD and book set that details all I need to do to be prepared for the end."

Mark: "How much did that cost?"

Trevor: "$149.00. Why? What does it matter with eternity at stake?"

Mark: "Think about it, Trevor. If that hellevangelist really believes that the end is near, why does HE need all that money?"
by Jubileesings October 16, 2011
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