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Also known as HIIK.
A common answer to every question, meaning that you don't have any fucking idea.
- Who's that girl ?
- Hell if I know !
by B.P.O. February 06, 2009

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When you mix Elephant and a Rhino
What do you call a Elephant and Rhino mixed? HellIFIKnow?
by Mike January 21, 2005
HELL IF I KNOW it means you dont know
what is 10+3? hellifiknow
by Jessica November 28, 2003
a declaration or exclamation indicating lack of knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified or requested
Hellifiknow who she's been sleeping with!
by Lance Thibodeaux August 01, 2003
bunch of quiz junkies and piss takers usually found lofing on the net
by dermot771 October 17, 2003