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Codeword derived from Waterdance's twitch tv stream meaning "The sound is choppy".

Once upon a time there was a streamer called Waterdance and in her computer,soon to arrive, lay a dormant helicopter kitty.

When she decided it was time to start streaming. The epicness of the stream woke the kitty and in a blinding rage it attacked, disrupting Waterdance's stream sound.

Although many regard the legend of helicopter kitty to be pure, unadulterated evil, some worship it as a kind of God, wary of it's powers.

The helicopter kitty is thought by many as mere legend but it was not quite defeated, but sealed away in the murky depths of Waterdance's computer.
Person 1: Oh no the sound is all choppy.

Water: Oh no, helicopter kitty is back...

Everyone: =O
by Cult of Helicopter Kitty October 25, 2011