Of German lineage, Helga means strong, vibrant and determined. While historically "Helgas" have been large and bustly, those named Helga still living tend to be fun, attractive, punctual, fit and very smart.
You are so talented they must call you Helga.
#helga #german #bustly #attractive #fit #smart #fun
by fschueller February 05, 2010
Top Definition
A not so common girls name, most widespread in Nordic and Germanic countries. Derives from Old Norse "heilagr" meaning "holy, blessed".

The name has become somewhat a cliché, regarded by some with to many negative connotations. Partly becouse of the famous '70s and '80s porn star Helga Sveen, and the popularity of the name during Hitler's nazi-Germany.

A popular myth suggests the name is synonymous with an unattractive and/or unfeminine woman. Take a trip to Norway or Iceland, and you'll be proven wrong;-)
Man: "Kommst du Helga!?"
Helga: "Eh... What?"
Man: "Ooh, Helga!"
Helga: "Gah, I'm tired of hearing that. Go away!"
#helga #nordic #name #german #hellig #holy
by Kvinne July 22, 2008
A term often referred to females that are on average, 6 foot 2, 240 pounds and possess facial hair. This word first was used to describe the principal in the motion picture Matilda. However, this term has been used to describe other females that are similar in physical characteristics of the principal in Matilda.
Dude, those chicks are helgas.
#helga #jpd #creep #h #helgas
by Min Oh December 04, 2006
A Fat White Woman with a manly voice
Look at that helga eating all them donuts.
#fat #white woman #deep voice #manly voice #lesbian #white
by figpop September 22, 2011
An unusual name but a caring, funny, lovely, beautiful girl inside out. Never wants to disappoint people and always positive.
Person 1: Helga how are you honey?
Helga: I'm fine thanks
#happy #holy #german #olga #successful
by helloimbob123 December 08, 2011
She is loose. She has a small lady penis. She clam jams for her friends. However, she is a virgin and will be for a long time.
I was trying to get with this one girl, but then her ugly-ass friend, Helga, came and totally gave me a softie. Then she tried to fuck me.
#sex #fuck #clam jam #helga #clit #penis
by Bogren March 12, 2013
Obsessively liking other people's social media updates, check-ins etc. without being close friends or romanticallly inclined to each other.
I was just checking in at this place 5 minute ago and she helgad me again.
#like #love #fave #star #facebook #twitter #foursquare
by Robert Downsyndrom Jr. March 20, 2013
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