A sincere, loving, funny, beautiful young-woman, with an amazing body. Usually has an amazing boyfriend who's name starts with a J. She has tons of friends and everyone loves her.
Girl : "I wish i was a Helena and had such a great boyfriend"
by TisyNalaFfej August 03, 2011
A girl who is annoyingly skinny, despite the fact she eats loads of everything. Her mum could ask her to eat an apple and a banana, but instead, she would eat a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar.
She has a really quick metabolism which annoys everyone because she eats so much.
Helena: "I think i'll have another tub of ice cream, do you want one??"

Fat Person: "No thanks"

(Fat Person stays fat, Helena loses 10lbs.)
by DarkWizardSnakeMan August 05, 2009
Helena is the COOLEST name a girl could have. Helena's are VERY athletic. She likes hanging out with dudes but she DOSENT like them. She loves guys that are strong and cool. She has the best relationships with dudes whos name starts with W M and J. She is very popular. Some Helena's have like 2 or 3 girls that are super close to her and hangs out with them regularly. She is friends with everyone and VERY bubbly. Hilarious and cute too. :)
Dude: Helena is so bubbly and fun.

Another dude: ya she is nice to everyone!

Third dude that has a M in his name: she is so cute 😄❤
by Fionna Ninja April 26, 2013
A beautiful and sexy girl, who has a nice body and can get any guy she wants. Shes talented, mostly in bed. Shes a leader and will give you a great time. A Helena is also stubborn but shes worth it. They are into guys who play sports and are best paired up with guys whos names start with a...
N, J, T, or K
great in bed hot sexy big boobs nice body
Girl 1: "Is that Helena?"

Girl 2: "Ya and shes going out with Nick!"
by YouKnowImRightSoGetUsedToIt December 25, 2010
The Perfect girl. A girl that has it all : beauty,intelligence,sense of humor. The type of girl with which you can have long lasting conversations about politics and the meaning of life without being bored.
She is my dream-girl, she is my Helena.
by Peterertetererer June 30, 2013
A beautiful girl whos name consists of a European background.

She is athletic, intelligent, has a low tolerance for people who annoy her, and has little patience. She is positive and trys to look on the bright side most of the time. She is a good time to party with and has very good humor. She strives to succeed in life and has goals and dreams she wants to pursue. A helena is very brave and caring.
girl :hey have you seen helena ?
boy: yes shes off on her own being the great helena we know
by catlover101cats4ever February 12, 2012
Attractive brunette who loves to party. Generally popular girl, but doesn't go without enemies. Has a loving family and blonde best friend. Helena has an active sex life and is most compatible with guys beginning with G, J, and L. Helena would be an awesome girlfriend, and many girls are jealous of her.
Jon: Are you going to Helena's party?
Emma: of course
Jon: I might try to pull her.
Emma: you can't she's dating George
by Lol2003 January 06, 2014
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