Helena is the COOLEST name a girl could have. Helena's are VERY athletic. She likes hanging out with dudes but she DOSENT like them. She loves guys that are strong and cool. She has the best relationships with dudes whos name starts with W M and J. She is very popular. Some Helena's have like 2 or 3 girls that are super close to her and hangs out with them regularly. She is friends with everyone and VERY bubbly. Hilarious and cute too. :)
Dude: Helena is so bubbly and fun.

Another dude: ya she is nice to everyone!

Third dude that has a M in his name: she is so cute 😄❤
by Fionna Ninja April 26, 2013
A beautiful girl whos name consists of a European background.

She is athletic, intelligent, has a low tolerance for people who annoy her, and has little patience. She is positive and trys to look on the bright side most of the time. She is a good time to party with and has very good humor. She strives to succeed in life and has goals and dreams she wants to pursue. A helena is very brave and caring.
girl :hey have you seen helena ?
boy: yes shes off on her own being the great helena we know
by catlover101cats4ever February 12, 2012
The coolest person in the word
Hey did you meet the new girl?
Helena? Yeah! She's so cool!
by sexxylexiandiknowit November 25, 2011
A beautiful girl with a very nice body. Helena loves the ocean and the color blue or red. She has a very dark sense of humor and can be a total bitch. But also, Helena can make anyone laugh with her loud (very loud) laugh. She always has a shitty boyfriend that makes you question everything. Helena is also such a lazy asshole, but she can be super kinky. But she's the biggest virgin you'll ever meet no matter how dirty she acts. Helena is a shitty lier and a shitty seducer. She loves cats more than dogs. Helena's are usually Leo's or Aries.
"Who dat, who dat?"

Helena is a pimp
by Belle home August 04, 2014
The capital of the State of Montana.......... It is also one of the smallest media markets in the nation. After hitting some research via google images.

This place needs a makeover; it needs some Manhattanization. Sucks to be an aspiring journalist cause you are most likely to start your career in this place!

Better off in NY or LA or Chicago or Boston, at least there are many things to do compared to the Montana capital Helena.

It needs the following to be be the next "NYC" in the future and same goes w/ Billings, Missoula, Pocatello ID, Jackson MS, Dothan AL, Fargo ND, Minot ND, etc. Just by looking at images of these places it isnt that charming. This is just my opinion!


Great nightlife and scenery

skyscrapers galore.

world famous 24-7 Transit systems

Fashion weeks, fashion shows and lots of entertainment

Super diverse communities and neighborhoods
Helena: the definition says it all....
by citylifelovin December 17, 2011
she's is a mad person but really funny! she has wonky eyes and is ment to wear glasses. gr8 m8 quite popular nt wid ladz tho!
hi im a helena and i have a dog called tilly
by hannah.1.2.3 April 04, 2011
A character in Shakespeare's play - 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

In the play, she follows around this dude called Demetrius, even after he threatens to rape her and run away from her and leave her in the middle of nowhere. Also, to get attention from Demetrius, she betrays her best mate by telling her secret to him..
Anyway at the end of the play some love potion is put into his eyes which makes him love her, and she just accepts it as if he has been lovely to her..
So basically she's a desperate ho
Helena: Use me but as your spaniel; spurn me, strike me,
Neglect me, lose me; only give me leave
(Unworthy as I am) to follow you.
by yapdizap March 29, 2009

good song to just ABSOLUTELY SCREAM on singstar

more fun than it sounds

SO LONG, NOT GOOD NIGHT! *gives you the finger*
ash and toe - WHATS THE WORST TO TAKE,

toes dad - SHUTUP!

2. helena - my chemical romance
by ashimattack February 09, 2008

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