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a name for the most gorgeous person in the whole entire world. her beauty is undenieable
Random Kid: "wow, that girl is beautiful"

Random Kid 2: "Thats because her name is Helena "

helena is awesome.
by musicchickawowa February 01, 2009
A gorgeous girl inside and out that basically has it all. She is absolutely hilarious and never seizes to make me laugh, especially when I need it most. She is also very athletic. Helenas tend to play soccer and lacrosse, along with racquet sports in many cases. She isn't the most popular girl in school, but she has her group of close friends (which is actually pretty big) that she hangs out with regularly. Helenas usually have eyes as blue as a clear sky and the most beautiful dirty blonde hair to match. Her body is like nothing else and she's amazing in bed as a result. Everything about her is just spectacular. Helena is definitely a catch and tends to have the best relationships with men whose names begin with E, M, or R
I love Helena and really want to ask her out, but I'm so afraid she'll say no. Why can't she ask me out?

Ik dude, it's hard to tell sometimes.
by askmeoutalreadyhelena September 03, 2012
someone who is athletic,nice and caring. very sarcastic and likes to have a fun time!always tries to be in a good mood and consider others b4 herself. does not like to follows the crowd has big dreams and has a weakness for guys who play sports!but had a temper that you do not want to see!
guy 1: hey have u met the new girl helena?
guy 2:yup she something different..:)
by observor5 February 22, 2010
The most bubbly person in the world. Proof that all good things come in a small package
Guy: Dude, come meet my new GF!
'''' The next day'''
Friend: She is no Helena, she's such a downer.
by TBoEmBO March 15, 2009
a great MCR (my Chemical Romance) song which is actually about the singers grandma....she died while they were recording so he dedicated it to her...aww how sweet... also the capital of montana and the best part ever....MY NAME! .....
Kid : hey did you know that the My Chemical Romance song Helena is your name?
Me: no fucking shit dipshit
by Helena rocks! October 14, 2005
the meaning of Helena is "sun ray, shining light".

In ancient Greece, the appearance of a single glowing ball of light (also called St. Elmo's fire) was called Helena and two were called Castor and Pollux

Helena is a cognate of the Greek Helenē, which is derived from the root ēlē (light, torch, bright). The name is borne in Greek legend by the beautiful wife of the king of Sparta. Her abduction by the Trojan prince Paris sparked off the Trojan War.
by Havran February 03, 2010
Pronounced: Hell-eeeeeee-nuh
Her true beauty is so strong it shines to the world not only through her beautiful style but through her kind personality. Caring, strong, and your most loyal loving friend. Interested in all new opportunities and ideas. one of the coolest people ever. Once they find who they are through struggle and curiosity, they know their path and the important things in life. A true honor to know.

she runs to you effortlessly and gives you a hug because she sees your beauty. Helena sees your beauty even when you dont. You see hers through all her daily actions
by Lunastellamia June 24, 2011
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