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Helaina: These are always really smart, pretty people. Slightly shy in public, but totally honest and always fun to hang out with. Helainas are rare, and always totally unique, and make great long-time friends. Savor your Helaina like a perfectly ripe peach. Except don't eat her/(him)
Girl: "Wow I wish I could have been born a Helaina, look at her, she is so good at everything she does"
Boy: "YOU wish you could be a Helaina? I wish I could even just know one!"
by Yo Momma's Uncle February 24, 2009
A very pretty name for a very pretty girl. Helainas tend to impress everyone around themselves with little or no effort, and they give the room great vibes. Helainas are have a charming and cheesy sence of humor, they have great taste in movies, and they'll steal your heart as soon as you make eye contact with them.
We should go see a movie tonight
Is there going to be a Helaina there?
I think so
Kai im in.
by catlover1234567890 January 24, 2011
Helainas tend to always have a curvy form. They have fairly large boobs and everyone thinks that they are shaped like an anime character. Helainas always have big eyes to read everything about you with. They are very curious and very kinky. They are amazing in and out of bed. Their sarcastic and dirty sense of humor always makes them the joker of the group. They are in no way slutty. They are friendly with everyone and this can be taken easily as flirting. They move on quickly from relationships because they have self confidence and believe no one should hold them down. They can have severe anxiety about everything but that doesn't stop a Helaina. Helainas are the hot funny one in the group. People love to make up lies and rumors about Helainas. Don't believe anything bad that anyone says about a Helaina, it is most likely not true.
girl: I'm going to have a party with my friends tonight wanna come?
guy: Is Helaina going to be there?
girl: Definitely she's always a ton of fun at parties.... and in bed. ;)
by cucumberslicer May 12, 2016
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