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Korean for "One day." and the true name of Annyong (English = "Hello"), the Korean boy adopted into the Bluth family on Arrested Development.

Lucille: Annyong!

Hel-loh: Annyong.
(Subtitle: "Hello.")

Buster: Annyong?

Hel-loh: Annyong.
(Subtitle: "Hello.")

Hel-loh: But my real name is Hel-loh.
(Subtitle: "One day.")

Buster: Hello?

Hel-loh: Annyong.
(Subtitle: "Hello.")
by G.O.B. Bluth August 20, 2008
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what you say when you walk into awkward moments. not suspecting anything

But you are wrong...
Me: "lala- just a normal day :)"
Me:" hell-
*see's brother making out with girlfriend*
Me:"I'm just gunna go now.."

this has been HellOH
by Sully:)2 May 16, 2009
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