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Provider of a Happy-Ending to massages.
"I've had a trying day...Imma go to the Massage Parlor and get me a Heidi-ho!"
by His Loving Wife February 28, 2012
1 3
When an African-American female starts acting like a Valley Girl.
Be'atch, you Heidi Ho me one more time with that "whatever" attitude, and I be taken it to the jungle with you.
by Mishpuka August 07, 2010
17 21
A girl named Heidi that hooks up with lots of men. Often does crazy or foolish things after 10 PM. Plays the field well.
"What did you do last night? Or should I say 'who' did you do?"


"Oh Heidi Ho..."
by RobinsEggBlue February 04, 2010
12 27