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Scottish, particularly Glaswegian slang. Used when calling for someones (usually a strangers) attention.
Heer! Wattae nip ma pal?
by Banter mate! November 24, 2010
Kind of a bitch. But know what she wants. Is a super sweet to her friends and can be your worst bightmare if you get on her bad side. You can not get a truer friend. Is equivalent to the Juliet in English. Has a lot if spirit!
Person 1: You know Heer?
Person 2: Ya totally, she is super sweet!

Person 1: Sometimes she is a total beyotch!

Person 2: But her intentions are true
by Bernice Qualiamen February 03, 2013
a tramp, hore, or hore like
Man that girl sleeps with everyone, she be a heer.
by Eric Wilkinson January 19, 2004
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