A prince of Troy who killed achilles's bitch, who was also his cousin... gay incest, because he was pimpin on his turf and trying to take it over. He then got killed by Achilles after he fell over a stone and got concussed. He led the Apollonian Guard who regulary performed drive bys on the Greeks and fucked them up big style. Following his death he was Dragged around the battlefield so that Achilles could rape his dead body... he liked them messy.
I was Hector in a past life, and he could have fucked Achilles
up, castrate him and then make him and then make him eat his own balls as punishment for trying to sell coke on his turf without permission... before he hit the ground.
by King of troy July 10, 2006
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A sweet guy that could melt any girls' heart.
He's so nice he must be a Hector.
by Katie x June 13, 2008
An intelligent man who is not afraid to show his inner feelings. He has an opinion and answer for everything. Open minded. A leader who is always there to share his triumphs. One who is eager to learn. Always has a story to share. A well-rounded guy who can speak on any issue. Fun to be around. Great in bed. Is a charm with girls, yet doesn't give his heart away so easy. When it comes to his career, he is a natural leader. Sometimes clumbsy. Always has a positive attitude. Doesn't allow the small things in life to get in his way.
"Do you know Hector? Yeah, he changed my life."
by loverbear February 03, 2010
a sexy mexican who you see getting all of the girls at parties
man that guy is such a hector, he is gettin all the girls
by patman698 September 08, 2008
Has a really REALLY BIG PENIS.. Bigger then Eric's.
Goddamn, I could barely fit that Hector into my vagina last night.
by SomeToreUpHole May 23, 2010
Trojan Prince in Homers poem "The Iliad", also refered to as the "Tamer of Horses". Husband of Andromache and father to Astyanax. Slain and dragged by greek warrior Achilles after losing in battle. King Priam retrieves his sons body after a talk with Achilles and conducts a proper funeral.
Hector was the strongest of the Trojan warriors.

Hector is one of the Nine Worthies
by Micheal Ballack January 18, 2008
A crazed individual.
That guy over there is a complete hector.
by 2bli2 April 22, 2008
Hector is the kind of guy that every girl wants he's sweet, funny , and at times surprisingly smart. If you ever meet a Hector stay with him and never let him go.
Hector is so hot , I wish he was mine.
by Rotcehthetaerg February 10, 2012

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