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Its like Hectic. cept its not.
Wog created.
Aussie: Thats hectic!
Wog: No my friend, that's HECKTOS.
by KaylaisHecktos September 28, 2011

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A person that constantly repeats a catchphrase or word with the soul purpose to annoy his surroundings. The amusing/interacting part is that it sometimes takes time to understand the joke, but ones you understand it it gets old pretty fast.
Dude: Can you pass me a beer?
Heckto: Kok mi sok!
Dude: Dude, shut up and give me a beer.
Heckto: Kok mi sok?
Dude: OMG, give me a beer man.
Heckto: kok?
Dude: Fuck you, Heckto!
by Stoma October 26, 2010