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Heckers can be split into two distinct parts, "Hec" - an arabic word that used to refer to the traditional food taken at night during Rhamamdan, but now refers to the wild-partying/heavy drinking/bomb-exploding shennanigans that take place during this time period now. The second part of the word, "kers" is derived from the Scottisc language (traditional language of Scotland) and is aimed at those with the last name "Kerr." The Kerr's were particularly well known for their very short kilts and the facial hair that their women produce. (A Felicity Kerr once won the Global Crazy Hair competiton with her handlebar mustache)

This hybrid word was then born in the multi-cultural slums of Springvale, Melbourne, way back in the 1990s. The suffix "ker" had already gained prominence and, with the simple addition of "hec" the local arabic community realised they had discovered gold! They did not turn it into the bank and instead tried to sell it to the Jews, who normally would see the huge investments in such a word, but they declined due to the arabic connotations. However the arabs could not keep their mouths shut and, in one particular bashing of a group of white-students, the notorious Muhammad Muhammad shouted after laying the final kick, "that was a heckers fight." Little-beknown to him the student still had consciousness and upon returning to society he spread the word about the word.
Today, no one remembers the true origins of the word and all Australians share in the joy that it provides, however there are still a distinct few who remember the blood and turmoil it created, way back when.

"My toenails are heckers long"
"That's a heckers mo"
"That was a heckers party"
by abdulshadak October 30, 2011
A noun that describes someone who simply sits and watches the woods. Someone who is strangely obsessed with forest areas. That's it
The hecker flattened the weeds and took a seat for his daily 5-hour long vigil over the oak grove.
by tickleroftheivories August 11, 2008
Northern English for As if, being short for 'By Heck as like' - direct translation being 'Like Hell it is'.
Vince: Tha' goin' t' pit th' morra?
Stan: Heckers
by enile November 14, 2009
A different way of saying "heck" when you are confused, or in a random situation
"So, are you excited about school starting?"
"My goldfish died"
"What the heckers?"
by Izzy Litwack August 04, 2008
The abbreviated version of hectic.

Sometimes, people over use the word, Heckers.

Heckers is not to be used by fully sick lebs

"Omfg bro that ride is Heckers"
"Bro your girlfriends ass is Heckers"
"The Simpsons are Heckers... Bro"
by Daniel Beans December 27, 2007
A person who mistakenly thinks they have enough skill to hack a computer of other electronic device.

Invariably, this ends up with bricked equipment and an embarrassing trip to visit a real hacker who can possibly revive the equipment.

This person is usually identified by their shouting of expletives such as heck and muthafucka while peering inside a computer.
"That dumb hecker tried to mod his Xbox and bricked it!"
by mikedotorg May 14, 2007
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