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A Orthadox Jew Version Of Shaft. Like Undercover Brother But Jewish.
"Hammer, your the baddest Jew this side of Telavive!"
by Jew Power December 05, 2003
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A man is getting a woman from behind and donkey punches her in the back of the head. When she turns around in pain the man circumcises himself and throws the foreskin in her face. He then yells OPAH and runs away. He does all of this while wearing a yamaka.
Last night I gave Shirley the old Hebrew Hammer....obviously she's pissed at me.
by lights on April 01, 2011
The penis of a master Jew that has both girth and length.

-also known as the Jewish Junk and the Kosher Killer
Woah! Look ladies it's the Hebrew Hammer.

Hey whats up Hebrew Hammer?!
by TheHEBREWhammerHimself February 13, 2013
A bad ass Jewish person. Like the Jewish version of Shaft. Can be seen wearing some Jewish bling. He comes to do some good, help his brothers in the chhood (must add flem noise to beginning). Has the ability to nag someone to death.
Watch out for the Hebrew Hammer!!!
by anonymus92 September 28, 2009
One of jewish descent that thinks they are swinging heavy lumber but in reality it's only a twig.Someone that over charges retail customers in a store and takes full advantage of they. after doing so gives out the emeril scream of BAM!!!!
the hebrew hammer just over charged that dope $40.00...BAM!!!!!
by Buck Burrmeister September 19, 2006
A group of elite Jewish people, who have the powere to kick major ass and do so regulary. All hebrew hammers, have insanely attractive features, and cut abs. Anyone not a part of the selective clan shows much jealousy to these awesome peopl. Hebrew Hammers can be characterized by having f***** thousands of sexy babes.
After f****** every girl in the playboy mansion, he must be a Hebrew Hammer.
by Levinsta February 23, 2009
A Jewish version of a cock slap.
That bitch just got Hebrew Hammered!
by CaptainHammer44 December 14, 2009

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